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Coaches who want to introduce line training to their teams

Line training is developed with the aim of building a foundation for movement.

About controlling one's own body, which is the basis of various sports

Through step work, you will experience and feel the difference.

I want my team members to become a little more agile.

I want to work hard and support the growth of my team members

We provide mentoring and online support throughout the year.

First team training: 40,000 yen (travel expenses not included)

From the second time onwards, 30,000 yen (excluding transportation costs)

On-site training at least twice a year is required

how to use

After purchasing the product, schedule consultation

The survey will be conducted approximately once every February to June over a period of one to one and a half years.

In principle, the content will be different each time (depending on the level of the participants).


Elementary school students only

Transportation costs

Using public transportation from Hyogo Prefecture

Team Coaching

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