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The benefits of line training

Conference presentations and publication of papers

- Successful line training in young children .

Kenji Hosokawa, Satoshi Sato (2017) Japanese Society for Sports Performance Studies

-Line training as physical play in childcare settings.

 Hosokawa, Kenji (2016) Abstracts of Lectures and Research Presentations at the 12th Conference of the Japanese Society of Infant Physical Education, p.138.

・Effects of LINE TRAINING in Children.

Kenji HOSOKAWA (2016) Ikenobo Junior College Bulletin, 37(B), pp.163-165.

- Improving coordination through line training for young children .

Kenji Hosokawa, Satoshi Sato (2018) Japanese Society of Sport Performance

Development of teaching methods aimed at cultivating "attitudes of learning and humanity" in elementary school physical education : Through the practice of "physical training" for fifth graders aimed at forming self-regulated learning

Morita, T. , Yanagida, S. , and Sato, T. (2022) Bulletin of the Center for Educational Practice, Faculty of Education, Saitama University

At Line Training Lab, we are looking for people who can verify the effects of line training in greater depth, from multiple perspectives, and in the short and long term.

Research Project (Proposal)

  • The target audience is a variety of people, including infants, elementary school students, junior high school students, high school students, working adults, the elderly, and athletes.

  • As an exercise program for young children

  • As an effect of training to improve the physical abilities of elementary school students

  • Effectiveness as injury prevention training for junior and senior high school students

  • Healthcare, exercise and stress relief programs for working adults

  • Fall risk in elderly people and the effects on fall risk factors

  • Effect on adjustment ability after tripping

  • Developing teaching methods for the elderly and children

  • Effects on brain function/cognitive function

  • The effects of line training on body shape and function

  • Programs for children with coordination disorders

  • etc

If you are interested,

Please contact the secretariat using the inquiry form .

We would like to explore the feasibility of this, including details of the research field and line training, how to set up a classroom, and the necessary expenses.

Joint research

Ikenobo Junior College Early Childhood Education

Saitama University Elementary School Physical Education

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