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Line Training Lab will carry out various events, research, social welfare activities and collaborative activities.

・As a tournament or festival event

・As a joint training event

・As an event for experiencing education and play, etc.

Collaboration with various people, companies, local governments, etc.

We would like to make a suggestion.

Next event

​2022.5 Online
Line training for use in elementary school classes

Past Events

・Joint experience session with J-GREEN Sakai Nutrition Seminar (OTOMO Co., Ltd.)

・Japan American Football Association Safety Seminar

・Special lectures at athletic trainer, acupuncturist, and judo therapist training schools

・Joint training with Coach Miki (professional soccer coach)

・Mizuno Sports Plaza Maishima Soccer Line Training Seminar

・Tohoku Club Youth Soccer Federation Instructor Seminar 2018

・Tennis Forum 2018



Participants' comments
(Line training for use in elementary school classes)

Elementary school teacher

I think even people who aren't physical education specialists can do it if they know how to do it.

No tools needed,

Because the age range is so wide,

I think this is a teaching material that has the potential to become more widely used.

Elementary school teacher

I've been interested in it for a long time,

We worked on line training in a one-off special class during the summer vacation.

It's great because you can have fun and shout out even about things you can't do.

The thing that resonated with me the most during the course was the idea that "not being able to do something = room for growth."

Elementary school teacher

I felt that not teaching more than necessary was a good fit for the current way of learning.

I felt that this was a teaching material that would motivate children and help improve their motor skills.

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