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Line Training Instructor Seminar (on-demand version)

This course is available at a student discount.

When applying, please state your school, department, course, etc.

The "Line Training Instructor Training Seminar" is now available on demand, anytime, anywhere.

□Lecturer Satoshi Sato (CEO of Sports Multiply Inc., creator of line training) Japan Amateur Sports Association certified athletic trainer, acupuncturist, JFA certified sports paramedic

□ The creator of the content has a background as an athletic trainer and was born from his activities in medical institutions and sports fields.
"Line Training" is a footwork training method originating from Japan
You will learn through practice the basic and applied theories of simple and complex physical manipulation training.
Focusing on improving athletes' performance, injury prevention, and improving children's athletic ability
Line training is becoming more and more common for various categories and purposes.
We will share the latest knowledge so that you can provide instruction with a correct understanding.
□ Overview
Period: 1 month from application

On-demand viewing (approximately 5 hours in total)

Explanations using PDF text and videos
Video delivery of practice steps

Individual responses to questions from participants

After viewing

・Submit either a video assignment or a report.

Successful candidates will receive a certificate of completion.

Benefits for participants: 2 types of training videos (downloadable version) (worth 8,000 yen) and an invitation to a skill-up group

□ Purpose and Outcome
1. Participating coaches and trainers will learn important points and things to keep in mind when instructing line training.
2. Participating coaches and trainers will learn basic knowledge to explain the effects of line training.
3. Participating coaches and trainers will understand the process of mastering line training.
4. Participating coaches and trainers will gain experience in controlling their own bodies through line training practice.
5. Participating coaches and trainers will understand the characteristics of line training and consider how it can be applied to their own teams and in the field.

Line training instructor seminar @on-demand (student discount)

¥16,500 Regular Price
¥12,500Sale Price
  • The course will begin on September 1st and run for one month.

    Please note that you can apply in the middle of September, but the course period will end at the end of the month.

    Please understand that due to system limitations, we are unable to accommodate requests for adjustments to delivery dates and times.

    We cannot provide compensation for injuries sustained during independent practice, so please be careful about the conditions and environment.

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