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Line Training for Basketball

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When purchasing, please be sure to read the notes at the end of the text.


Basketball Line Training (42 Events)

Basketball footwork coordination/skill acquisition

*The content is at a basic level.

The line training included includes both ball-free and ball-using exercises.

Even line training that does not use the ball can be performed while dribbling, making it more difficult and more basketball-specific.

how to use

・For players' personal training

- For training when the gym is unavailable

- For rehabilitation guidance in hospitals and treatment centers

・As a warm-up program

・As a training for the brain and body


*Notes on use

- Please pay attention to your surroundings (shape of the ground, etc.).

・Some actions require quick judgment, so please refrain from using this game when you are physically tired.

・If you have a physical injury, please use the facilities under the supervision of an appropriate instructor.

We take no responsibility for any accidents that may occur while watching this DVD.

We recommend that you use this service after observing the precautions for use.

Please purchase only if you understand this.

Purchasing process: Purchase at the online shop, confirm payment, and then ship the product.

*Please be careful to enter the correct shipping address when purchasing.

Basketball version Line training DVD

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